Automobile, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

These accidents are the main types of cases we handle for our clients. Many accident victims initially feel that they can handle their accident claim on their own only to discover months down the road that they failed to take a step crucial to documenting their claim. We always recommend that one of the first steps an accident victim should take after seeking medical care is to call an experienced personal injury attorney.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities immediately after an accident is crucial and the main reason we wrote “The Colorado Personal Injury Claims Guidebook”. We want you to have a quick and easy reference source available to you even before you receive the first call from an insurance company.

Please click here to download your free copy of the Guidebook.

If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, there are many issues that are completely different from a typical auto accident. Federal regulations set specific standards for truckers and any violation of these regulations is serious evidence in a potential lawsuit. Knowing what information to ask, and where to find it, is crucial to the success of such claims. Additionally, new technology used to track trucks can help us reconstruct how an accident happened and will be very persuasive for a jury.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to gather all of the evidence from the trucking company to make sure that your case value reaches its full potential. Treating these cases like a simple auto accident means that you will not receive as much as you are entitled to.