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Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are subject to the same rules of the road as a motor vehicle. However, the problem for most cyclists is that they are much less visible than a car to other motorists. The common response I hear from drivers who have hit a cyclist is “I didn’t even see him/her”.

Even worse for cyclists is the fact that they are not surrounded by a steel cage to protect them. When they are hit by cars, their injuries are much more serious. Most of my clients injured in bike accidents have some degree of concussion or closed head injury that needs to be closely monitored. These types of injuries need to be well documented from the very beginning to make sure that the insurance company for the other driver has a full account of the injury and how long the victim had to deal with the problems of a closed head injury. In the more severe cases, it is essential that an accident victim get specialized medical attention to address these closed head injuries.

In past cases, we have represented professional cyclists, collegiate cyclists and your average recreational riders (weekend warriors like us). Each type of case presented unique challenges that had to be overcome to make sure the client’s potential recovery was maximized.

It is very important to consult with an experienced bike accident lawyer as we can find insurance coverage for your damages from sources you might not even have considered had you attempted to handle the claim on your own. For example, did you know that you may be entitled to coverage under your own auto insurance policy if you are hit by another car while you are riding your bike?

Brian Weiss is actively involved in advocating for cyclist’s right throughout the State and nationally. We are founding members of, a national campaign to raise awareness of local cycling laws and contribute to other local cycling advocacy organizations. Brian is a past Board President of Team Evergreen, the largest cycling club in the state.

Please click here to down load our guidebook on cyclists’ rights and responsibilities in the State of Colorado.

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