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            • $750,000 settlement for a young woman who sustained a head injury after a roll-over accident on I-70.
            • $625,000 settlement for Motorcycle accident in Broomfield, Colorado.
            • $300,000 Settlement for Dog bite in Loveland, Colorado after Lawsuit was filed.
            • $275,000 combined settlement for a woman injured in a head on collision causing neck injuries that required cervical surgery.
            • $275,000 for a Boulder cyclist injured when he was struck by a camper shell that flew off a nearby pickup truck as the truck was involved in a collision.
            • $250,000 Policy limits settlement for Car Accident on Snowy Road, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
            • $200,000 for a Denver man who sustained low back injuries after being rear-ended on I-25. There was only $2,200 in damage to his vehicle and the insurance company tried to argue that since this was a “low-impact” accident, he could not have been seriously injured.
            • $100,000 liability policy limits settlement for Lakewood woman injured when she was rear-ended on a local highway.
            • $100,000 liability policy limits for an Arvada cyclist who suffered a broken leg when his bike was struck by a pickup truck turning left without yielding right of way to our client’s oncoming bike.
            • $82,000 for a Denver cyclist rear-ended by a car that was unable to stop on icy roads.
            • $50,000 for a Boulder cyclist injured in a bike accident with a vehicle that made a left turn without yielding right of way to him at a traffic light.
            • $39,000 for a Boulder cyclist injured in a bike accident with a vehicle that made a left turn without yielding to her as she rode in a marked Boulder bike lane.


Dale Thomas, on June 21, 2017, a civil jury of nine Coloradans serving in the United States District Court in Denver found negligence on the part AZ Asphalt, LLC, and on the part of Saul Diaz-Sabas, its employee driver, and determined damages totaling $568,810.00 against AZ Asphalt et al in the wrongful death of Dale Thomas.

Please download a copy of our Colorado Auto Accident Guidebook to find out other questionable strategies that any insurance company (including American Family, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, GEICO and USAA) may use to deny liability in your case.

Harmon vs. New, Denver District Court. In this case, our client was rear-ended at low speed by a woman who claimed a “sudden-emergency” defense after a vehicle in front of her changed lanes. The Defendant’s insurance company, State Farm, also denied that the accident caused our client’s injuries and her need for subsequent shoulder surgery. Despite a clear rear-end accident and over $120,000.00 in accident-related medical treatment, State Farm tried to argue that the accident was our client’s fault and only offered $15,000.00. At trial, we were able to discredit State Farm’s expert witness and show the jury that the accident was caused by the Defendant’s failure to exercise reasonable care. Further, the jury agreed with our client, and her treating doctors, that all medical care was a direct result of this accident. They awarded our client over $200,000.00 including interest and costs.

Please download a copy of our Colorado Auto Accident Guidebook (PDF) for a more detailed explanation of why you must have an experienced, trial-proven personal injury lawyer in your corner in a low-impact auto accident case.


“Jason handled my personal injury case that resulted from a car accident. I hired him in August 2010 and despite the obstacles that were put before him by the various entities involved, he resolved the issues by October 2011. He is very fair and ethical in his approach, was responsive to my inquiries, and was persistent when the other driver’s adjuster would not return calls and my own health insurance company seemed to place barriers to getting my medical records. He gave me options and followed through with the choices we made together. He had excellent knowledge of the history of the insurance agency we were dealing with, which was advantageous. I felt I could trust his ability to understand the case, keep on top of it, involve me when needed and make good decisions. I appreciated his willingness to go to bat for me. I highly recommend him.” – Lisa

“Attorney Brian Weiss and his staff were incredibly helpful after I was hit by a car riding my bicycle. He met with me the same day I called, immediately contacted the driver’s insurance company and encouraged the surgeons to repair my broken leg as soon as possible. Brian quickly proved the driver was at fault and helped me get the maximum settlement for my injuries. I recommend him to anyone who’s been involved in an accident and needs professional advice from an attorney.” – Patrick O’Connor

“Brian Weiss and the staff (especially Caryl) of Crawford Weiss, LLC could not have been more helpful and professional with my case. I was riding a bike on a one way going in the right direction when a car came up very quickly and struck me from behind, I went up and over the persons SUV and ended up with substantial injuries all over my body. The person who struck me got out of their vehicle and stated they looked down for a few seconds and did not see me, they also agreed to contact their insurance company and take full responsibility. However, her insurance company decided to put me at fault which I knew was not correct. At the time I only had car insurance and did not have health insurance so very concerned about my situation. I sent an email to Crawford Weiss LLC stating my situation and they got back to me that day asking me to come in and have a free consultation with them. I met with Brian and he immediately showed concern for me and my situation and knew that the insurance company was in the wrong and that I should not be responsible for my bills nor my pain and suffering. Brian Weiss was able to not only get the insurance company to realize that their person under their coverage who struck me was in the wrong but that they had put me through a lot of suffering that I should not have had to go through as well. Brian went through full lengths to get all the information he could from both parties to ensure we had all the correct information to ensure we had a solid case. In the end Mr. Weiss was able to get the full amount of coverage from the parties at fault insurance at $25,000 as well as the full coverage from my car insurance for my pain and suffering at $25,000 (which was not expected at the least). Thus in the end I came out with $50,000 which was more than enough to help cover all my medical bills along with my pain and suffering. I highly, highly, highly recommend Crawford Weiss, LLC!” –  Cole Knustrom