slip falls

Slip and fall cases include all types of accidents in which someone has fallen – whether this be on an icy sidewalk, defective or broken stairs, or possibly on a spill in the aisle of a grocery store.

These are often the most difficult cases for an attorney to prove because we have to show that the owner of the property where the accident occurred either knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition. For example, it can be hard for a person to win a case where they have slipped on a spill from a broken jar in a grocery store aisle if we cannot prove that the store knew about the spill beforehand. However, should that same store have a recurring leak from a water pipe in their produce section, the case is much easier to prove.

If you are involved in a fall, it is very important to preserve all evidence as soon as possible. Any accident reports taken at the time are very helpful. If you hire an attorney soon enough, the attorney will request any videotape of the scene (store security cameras) or send an investigator out to review the accident scene on your behalf. As a smart property owner will immediately try to correct a dangerous situation before someone else gets hurt, it is important to document the accident scene before any such changes are made.

Cases where an accident occurs due to snow and ice are even more difficult to prove, as there is an assumption that a property owner will have a reasonable time to clean up snow or ice after it falls. We have, however, won such cases in the past by showing that the design of certain elements on the property, such as drains or sidewalks, actually led to the buildup of dangerous ice.

As these cases often depend on the early involvement of a team of expert witnesses who are able to say exactly what the property owner should have done to prevent the accident, it is imperative that you secure legal representation as soon as possible.